calculating lattice energy of CaCl2

calculate the lattice energy of CaCl2 using the following date:

delta heat [Ca(g)] = 179.3 kJ/mol

delta heat [Cl(g)] = 121.7 kJ/mol

delta heat [CaCl2(s)] = -794.96


IE1 (Ca) = 590 kJ/mol

IE2 (Ca) = 1145 kJ/mol

EA (Cl) = 349 kJ/mol

I have no idea where to start this or how to set this up?

It's a Born Haber cycle.

It's a bit like the example below except you will have two ionisations for Mg(g) ---> Mg+(g) + e- and Mg+(g) ---> Mg2+(g) + e-

And the breaking of 1 mole Cl2 and two value for electron affinity energy for Cl


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