Balancing a redox reaction between S2O32- and OCl-

Hello everybody I need to find the balanced chemical equation for the reaction between

S2O32- and OCl-

This is what I've done so far

(1) S2O32- ---> SO42-
  becomes: 5H2O + S2O32- ---> 2SO42- + 10H+ + 8e-

(2) OCl- ---> Cl-

  becomes: 8e- + 4OCl- + 8H+ ---> 4Cl- + 4H2O

adding (1) and (2), calcelling out the waters and adding 2OH- to get rid of the H+ we get:

S2O32- + 4OCl- + 2OH- ---> 4Cl- + 2SO42- + H2O

Is it right?


Looks Good!

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