List the fllowing solutions in order of increasing pH 0.1 M Cl(ClO4)2 , 0.1M RbCN, 0.1M Sr(NO3)2 ,0.1M KC2H3O2

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The most acidic solution will be 0.1 M Cl(ClO4)2 which has a metal ion that undergoes hydrolysis and an anion derived from a strong acid

0.1M Sr(NO3)2 should have pH of about 7 because it is dervied from an alkaline earth cation and the anion of a strong acid neither of these ions undergoes hydrolysis toany appreciable extent .

0.1M RbCN and 0.1M KC2H3O2 both solutions are derived from an alkai metal ion which doesnot undergo hydrolysis and an anion of a weal acid,anion hydrolysis should lead to basic solution in both cases but solution 0.1M RbCN will bem ore strongly basic becuase CN- is a stronger base than C2H3O2- .We see that the order of increasing pH is

 0.1 M Cl(ClO4)2 <0.1M Sr(NO3)2< 0.1M KC2H3O2 < 0.1M RbCN


0.1 M Cl(ClO4)2 <0.1M Sr(NO3)2< 0.1M KC2H3O2 < 0.1M RbCN