Periodic properties, groups and periods in the periodic table


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Problem 1 solution :  (a) Se : Group VI A, Perioid 4, non metal  (b) Cs : Group IA, Period; 6 , metal  (c) Fe : Group VIIIB , Period 4, metal (d) Cu : Group IB, Period 4 , non metal (e) Br : Group VII A , Period 4 , non metal

Problem 2 solution : The noble gas element ( the element of group 18 are called noble gases) amoung all these options are Krypton

Problem 3 solution: A) the only element in group VIA which is a metalloid is Te  (b) Element in group IIIA and period 3 is Al

Problem 4 solution : a) Manganese B) sodium c) arsenic d) sulfur e) lead

Problem 5 solutions : a) Na, sodium b) Li, Lithium c) Fe, iron d) Ce, cerium.

Problem 6 solution : a) transition metal b) main group metal c) metalloid d) non metal

Problem 7 solution : a) elements c,N ,O are in period 2 (b) the group begins with Helium which is 8A group (c) The alkali metals belongs to the group IA of the periodic table  (d) The period 2 ends with the Neon (Ne) element.

Problem 8 solution : a) alkaline earth metal b) transition element c) noble gas d) alkali metal e) halogen

Problem 9 solution :  a) 5  C,N,O,F,Ne  (b)  3 Se,Br,Kr   (c) 2 I, Xe

Problem 10 solution : A) the period that has no metal element is period 1 , it has all non metals H and He

                               b) Period 7 has no non metals all elements are metals

                               c)  Period 4 has one post transition* Ga and two metalloids Ge and As

* the metals in group 13,14,15 which lies to the right of the transition metals (Ga,In,Tl,Pb,Bi) are often referred as post trasition metals.