How to predict and balance single replacement reactions the Using the Activity series?


Using the Activity series predict and balance the following single replacement reactions. For the reaction that do not occure, write no reaction


1) Liquid Bromine is added to a container of sodium iodide crystals

2) Fe(s) + CuS O 4 (aq) →

3) B r 2 (l) + MgC l 2 (aq) →


Answer 1 )

Br2 is above the I2 in the activity series of the non metals, so reaction will take place and Br2 will replace the I2.


Br2 (l) + 2NaI(s) → 2NaBr(s) + I2 (s)
Answer 2 )
Iron is listed above copper in the activity series. Therefore, the first reaction will occur because iron is more reactive than copper. In this case, iron will replace copper. The skeleton equation for this reaction is:
 Fe(s) + CuS O 4 (aq) → FeS O 4 (aq) + Cu(s)
 This equation is balanced
Answer 3)
In the second reaction, chlorine is more reactive than bromine because bromine is listed below chlorine in the activity series. Therefore, the reaction will not occur. The skeleton equation for this situation is :
 Br(l) + MgC l 2 (aq) → NR